The Grand Prix 3D car

An RC car unlike anything you've owned before... 

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Grand Prix 3D is a 1/10th scale RC car kit modelled on the iconic late 1960s Grand Prix cars driven by the heroes of yester-year...including Sir Jack Brabham, Jim Clark, John Surtees, Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart, Bruce McLaren, Ronnie Peterson...who's your favourite?
This fully functional RC kit design has been meticulously developed to represent true old-skool realism in an RC car...
...AND it is predominantly 3D printed!
We call this new concept of RC car action, scale plastic models and historic Grand Prix... "fusion scale" 

So if you love everything about historic F1 and RC please Order this kit!

CAD Design

From idea to conceptualisation to dimensional accuracy each component has gone through many iterations to find a balance of functionality, looks, simplicity, strength, printability all whilst maintaining the history of Grand Prix in our modern fusion!

3D Printing

Majority of the kit components are 3D printed using the latest printer technology and utilising a range of highest quality modern filaments including;
  • Glass fibre infused Nylon
  • Carbon fibre infused Nylon
  • Polycarbonate (PC blend)
  • CPE (tough co-polyester)
  • Flexible (TPU) polymers
  • PETG/PLA plastic


Other components

  • Full set of steel ball bearings (19x)
  • Period authentic CVDs
  • Springs
  • All hardware (screws, nuts, shims, hinge pins etc)
  • Proline VTA tyres, and when they need to replaced:
    • 10139-18 Rear on black rims
    • 10140-18 Front on black rims
    • ...I'm sure these were modelled on 1960s grand prix cars, they're perfect!


Electronics (included with package deal option):

Rolling Chassis includes:

  • All the plastic parts to build the kit, including;
    • Design is as close as possible to 1960's period construction, whilst being strong and functional for RC enjoyment
    • Body shell and nose cone (comes in flexible white plastic, however other colour Options also available)
    • Authentic looking wheels
    • Full set (all 4) of Proline VTA tyres/wheels
    • Driver (moves with the steering! WOW!)
    • Awesome realistic engine and gearbox detailing

  • Plus: 
    • All hardware and fittings
    • Full set of Bearings (19x)
    • Springs front and rear
    • Gear Differential
    • CVD drive shafts

Package Deal includes:

In addition to the complete rolling chassis 3D kit above: 
  • 2845 sized Brushless Motor
  • Savox SH0255MG SH-0255MG Micro Metal Gear Digital Servo


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Not included:

  • ESC (electronic speed control) 
    • Note: ESC area is restricted to approximately: 46mm length x 28mm width x 24mm height)
    • Most ESCs would need to be used WITHOUT the fan installed to fit under the steering column - with the small sized motor they don't get too hot anyway!
    • Some suggested known compatible ESCs:
    • Please ask us about any other ESCs --> and we can evaluate if they will fit, for you!
  • Transmitter & Receiver
    • Note: Receiver space is restricted to approximately: 42mm long x 26mm wide x 22m height
If your ESC/Receiver are larger than dimensions noted above you may have a challenge to squeeze it in the available area!

    ...however if you are still unsure if your electronics will fit (and not intending to buy new components for this build) - contact us with the exact model and dimensions of your ESC and/or Rx and we will evaluate the installation feasibility for you, given the variables we can't guarantee, but can give pretty good recommendation either way!


    Battery must be:

    • Size: LIPO Shorty 7.4V 2S
    • Max dimensions: 96mm x47mm x 26mm
    • Smaller will fit, and would require you to add padding to suit

    Finishing details:

    • This part is up to you!
    • Please add your passion and modelling skills to finishing off this model with as much detail as you can! The more realistic and period accurate the better!
    • Flexible body parts (printed in TPU) can be painted with any RC paint designed for polycarbonate shells, such as the Tamiya PS range.
    • We recommend using an old-school cool sticker set, such as those available for purchase directly from MCI
    • Even just good old plain British Racing Green, Ferrari Red, McLaren Papaya or Honda White is more than acceptable to reflect historic minimalism!



    • Scale: 1/10th on-road
    • Wheelbase: 270mm
    • Rear Track width: 210mm
    • Weight:
      • rolling chassis: ~700 grams
      • rolling chassis with motor & servo: ~830 grams
      • ready to run (depending on your electronics): ~1130 grams
    • Power:
      • Electric powered 2845 size brushless motor
      • Shorty 2S battery, medium/small ESC


    Assembly Manual:

    View and download the assembly manual here



    Available now in our Shop HERE