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Assembly Manual - Type-L

Assembly Manual - GP3D Car Type-L


The GP3D Grand Prix car "Type-L" assembly manual is available to view online and download in PDF format below.

Any queries/errors/issues please ask us as at: or Facebook ...we are here to help and make your GP3D experience the most enjoyable! 

Video Build Series by BJ from Hearns Hobbies:
Click here for an amazing full build series Youtube playlist now available for the Type-L kit thanks to BJ from Hearns Hobbies.
Enjoy this epic build in real time that BJ and Hearns created over 14 weeks!


Versions last updated: 15th October 2021

Note: for Upgraded parts introduced ~Sept 2021 please refer to the Front Shocks "VERSION 2" manual and the Upgrade Parts in the Addendum section below.


Full download: Assembly Manual - Grand Prix Car Type-L - COMPLETE zip (v1.5) 

SECTION: Introduction (v1.0)

SECTION 1: Front Bulkhead (v1.1)

SECTION 2: Front Shocks (v1.0) <- original until August 2021

SECTION 2: Front Shocks "VERSION 2" (v1.0) <- upgraded from September 2021

SECTION 3: Front Suspension (v1.2)

SECTION 4: Dashboard (v1.1) 

SECTION 5: Engine (v1.1) 

SECTION 6: Engine Details (v1.0)

SECTION 7: Rear Shocks (v1.1)

SECTION 8: Rear Suspension (v1.2)

SECTION 9: Gearbox (v1.3)

SECTION 10: Wheels - Rear (v1.0)

SECTION 11: Wheels - Front (v1.0)

SECTION 12: Driver (v1.0)

SECTION 13: Body (v1.0)



Type-L Upgrade Parts _Addendum (v0.1)

Type-L Option Parts - Radiator / Water Tank / Pipes Set (v1.0)




Change Log Notes


7th December 2021:

SECTION 8 Rear Suspension - Updated photos and text to reflect to the revised/new Rear Axle Housing parts.


3rd December 2021:

SECTION 9 Gearbox - Updated photos and text to reflect to the revised/new gearbox parts.


20th November 2021:

New Type-L Option Set - Radiator/Water Tank/Pipes added


15th October 2021:

New Type-L Front Shocks "VERSION 2" added

New "Upgrade Parts" Addendum added


29th March 2021:

SECTION 3 Front Suspension - STEP 10: Information bullet - Reworded the text.
SECTION 3 Front Suspension -  STEP 15: Information bullet - Added to the text.
SECTION 5 Engine - STEP 3: Red bullet - Added wording about the wire position.
SECTION 5 Engine -  STEP 4: Information bullet - Reworded the text.
SECTION 5 Engine -  STEP 9: Added zoom photo inset to show nylock nut orientation.
SECTION 7 Rear Shocks - STEP 3: Blue bullet - corrected 1.3mm hex driver (not 1.5mm)
SECTION 7 Rear Shocks - STEP 4: Information bullet - Added note about cycling the shock to spread the grease.
SECTION 8 Rear Suspension - STEP 10: Yellow bullet - Moved this to be the first item, instead of second.
SECTION 8 Rear Suspension - STEP 18: Blue bullet - Corrected the M2 hex bolt x10mm (not 12mm)
SECTION 9 Gearbox - STEP 20: Information bullet - Added recommendation to use grease on all the gearbox gears
SECTION 9 Gearbox - STEP 31: Light Blue bullet - Rewording to make clearer for the 2mm hex driver straight access.


20th March 2021:

SECTION 9 Gearbox - STEP 15: Amended exposed shaft measurement from: 43mm to: ~44-45mm.