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The GP3D Type-L RC car - Specifications

Type-L Details

3D Printing

Majority of the kit components are 3D printed using the latest printer technology and utilising a range of highest quality modern filaments including;
  • Glass fibre infused Nylon
  • Carbon fibre infused Nylon
  • Polycarbonate (PC blend)
  • CPE (tough co-polyester)
  • Flexible (TPU) polymers
  • PETG/PLA plastic


Rolling Chassis includes:

  • All the plastic parts to build the kit, including;
    • Design is as close as possible to 1960's period construction, whilst being strong and functional for RC enjoyment
    • Body shell and nose cone (comes in flexible white plastic, however other colour Options also available)
    • Authentic looking wheels
    • Full set (all 4) of Proline VTA tyres/wheels
    • Driver (moves with the steering! WOW!)
    • Awesome realistic engine and gearbox detailing
  • Proline VTA tyres:
    • 10139-18 Rear on black rims
    • 10140-18 Front on black rims
    • ...I'm sure these were modelled on 1960s grand prix cars, they're perfect!
  • Plus: 
    • All hardware (screws, nuts, shims, hinge pins etc)
    • Full set of Bearings (20x)
    • Springs front and rear
    • Gear Differential
    • CVD drive shafts

Package Deal includes:

In addition to the complete rolling chassis kit above: 

Available now in our Shop HERE


Not included:

  • ESC (electronic speed control) 
    • Note: ESC area is restricted to approximately: 46mm length x 28mm width x 24mm height)
    • Most ESCs would need to be used WITHOUT the fan installed to fit under the steering column - with the small sized motor they don't get too hot anyway!
    • Some suggested known compatible ESCs:
    • Please ask us about any other ESCs --> and we can evaluate if they will fit, for you!
  • Transmitter & Receiver
    • Note: Receiver space is restricted to approximately: 42mm long x 26mm wide x 22m height
If your ESC/Receiver are larger than dimensions noted above you may have a challenge to squeeze it in the available area!

    ...however if you are still unsure if your electronics will fit (and not intending to buy new components for this build) - contact us with the exact model and dimensions of your ESC and/or Rx and we will evaluate the installation feasibility for you, given the variables we can't guarantee, but can give pretty good recommendation either way!


    Battery must be:

    • Size: LIPO Shorty 7.4V 2S
    • Max dimensions: 96mm x47mm x 26mm
    • Smaller will fit, and would require you to add padding to suit

    Finishing details:

    • This part is up to you!
    • Please add your passion and modelling skills to finishing off this model with as much detail as you can! The more realistic and period accurate the better!
    • Flexible body parts (printed in TPU) can be painted with any RC paint designed for polycarbonate shells, such as the Tamiya PS range.
    • We recommend using an old-school cool sticker set, such as those available for purchase directly from MCI
    • Even just good old plain British Racing Green, Ferrari Red, McLaren Papaya or Honda White is more than acceptable to reflect historic minimalism!



    • Scale: 1/10th on-road
    • Wheelbase: 270mm
    • Rear Track width: 210mm
    • Weight:
      • rolling chassis: ~700 grams
      • rolling chassis with motor & servo: ~830 grams
      • ready to run (depending on your electronics): ~1130 grams
    • Power:
      • Electric powered 2845 size brushless motor
      • Shorty 2S battery, medium/small ESC


    Assembly Manual:

    View and download the assembly manual here