Masami 1989 World Champ - Replica BODY



Thought I would include some info, photos and links here as a reference for those of you who wish to make a replica Masami body also, or even a theme variation...

This information is purely for reference/information purposes and is based around what I chose to use whilst creating the Masami's RC10GX Stealth car replica from that 1989 Worlds. Some of this will be similar or close enough to the other team drivers from that Worlds and of course, you can put your own selections/flavour to your build as desired! 



Here's the live recording of our mega air-brush painting session with expert BJ from Hearns Hobbies:

Hearns Hobbies - BJ - '89 Stealth RC10GX Masami replica


Masami's original body photos from the Team Associated site:



The correct Body replica for Masami's car is:

That body comes with a wing, but it's not the correct one for the '89.



The wing replica is from Penguin Custom Bodyshells also and is:

  • Yokomo 870C type
    • If you you can't find it listed (I couldn't!) simply message to Steve at Penguin and he should be able to help you out.

With this wing you need to cut-off the outside of end plates, so that only the single layer/inside flat of the end plate remains, and then fashion some end plates out of separately sourced flat polycarb sheet. I used TESA 0.2mm double sided tape to attach the end plates after all the painting is finished, so far they haven't come far.

Refer also back to our main RC10GX replica info page for the scale wing mounts and wing buttons from NoCoast RC.



There are numerous awesome painters out there who will create a fully painted professional replica as per your request. However for this first build I went with the sticker option to fit within the time constraints, using MCI stickers (refer below).

The black outlining/shadowing and green - airbrushing was generously done by BJ from Hearns Hobbies - check out our painting sesh on their Hearns YouTube channel here (warning: some paints were harmed during the filming)

That was all backed with Tamiya white PS-1

The main green colour used was:

  • Mr Hobby - Mr.Metallic Color GX205 GX METAL GREEN

Also used

  • Mr Hobby - Mr.Color GX2 UENO BLACK
  • Mr Hobby - Mr.Color GX4 CHIARA YELLOW - this was used to tint the green slightly for the wing end plates, that were a slightly different shade on Masami's original car!
  • SMS Flex - tiny amounts of this flex additive was used in the acrylic paints to ensure they 'flex' with the body/wing and not crack off



MCI Racing in Canada has a cool sticker set for the Masami car for 1989:

However it does not have absolutely every sticker, including the more obscure items you will spy on the original...therefore I have created my own custom "extras" sticker sheet using the MCI sticker builder - that you can add to cart and buy directly from MCI Racing also (in addition to the main MCI sheet above):


Also if you are going the full shelf queen...Motor sticker to create a Mike Reedy Gold Star:

MCI Motor Decal - Reedy Modified Yellow




Front: (white)

Rear: (pink)


Gallery - Our GP3D Replica

Black outlining/shadowing and green airbrushing done by BJ from Hearns Hobbies.