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RC10GX Stealth - Masami 1989 World Champ REPLICA

Welcome to the information page for our REPLICA conversion kit of the: 

*** RC10'89 Stealth - Masami 1989 World Champ ***

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On this page:

  • OVERVIEW - Our RC10GX'89 Replica 
  • VIDEO - Links


OVERVIEW - Our RC10GX racing replica...

Photo of our racing build (with dirty "modern" electronics/tyres...haha!)

*** NEW *** Reference for doing your own replica Masami body/wing click here


Conversion kit built:



Photo of the original/actual car Masami won the Worlds with:


Above photo and more from the Team Associated site here were primarily utilised in the development of our replica!


VIDEO - Links:

Bor Mac TRUE VINTAGE RC - RC10GX Stealth tribute build - Keilor Vintage BASH

Vintage BASH 2022 RC10GX practice laps by Ray Munday

Racing at Coleman Cup Knox - October 2022

Bor Mac's Vintage BASH Ep#1 (~4m37s, 5m25s, 6m52s-->7m01s)

Hearns Hobbies Live show from the Vintage BASH Keilor trackside Oct 2022 (from ~14m45s)

Keilor Club Day Race - Vintage class 21.5T - November 2022

...more to come!...


Now YOU can re-create your very own replica of this ICONIC '89 Worlds winning RC10!

This page provides you all the details about this conversion kit with listings and links relating to what you get in this GP3D conversion kit and also what are all the remaining original and after market parts you will need or suggested options to build your complete car!



  • Chassis with 30 degree kick-up moulded
      • BezerkRC plain weave carbon matte finish
    • Topdeck 
      • BezerkRC plain weave carbon matte finish
    • Topdeck Standoffs - Rear
    • Shock Tower - Front
    • Shock Tower - Rear
      • BezerkRC fibreglass
      • You can use an original 2 hole RC10 Tower, but the 4 Bulkhead mounting holes should be countersunk for exact replica
    • Brace for Front Inner Arm Hinge pins - Aluminium
    • Bulkhead - Rear (Printed: PCBlend natural)
    • Bulkhead - Front Nose (Printed: NylonG white)
    • Suspension Arms - Rear (Printed: PCBlend natural)
    • Suspension Arms - Front (Printed: PCBlend natural)
    • Inner Suspension Mounts - Rear (Printed: NylonG white)
    • CHOICE: Gearbox Casing (Left & Right) (Printed: NylonG white)
      • Version A: to suit original idler with bearings in the casing
      • Version B: to suit ReRe design for shaft in casings and bearings in the idler gear
    • Gearbox Standoffs 3x (to support motor plate) (Printed: PCBlend natural)
    • Gearbox Top Brace Plate (2 versions: post hole forward/rearward) (Printed: PCBlend natural)
    • Body Post Rear (replica of standard RC10 item) (Printed: PCBlend natural)
    • Body Post Front (Printed: PCBlend natural)
    • Battery Cup - Rear (as per original RC10 item - but 'trimmed') (Printed: PCBlend natural)
    • Battery Cup - Front  (Printed: PCBlend natural)
    • Battery Cup - Rear body supports (as per original RC10 item - but 'trimmed' - Left & Right) (Printed: PCBlend natural)
    • Battery Retainer Plate (2 types included) (Printed: PETG white)
      • Standard version for NiCad/NiMH/Shorty packs
      • Long version for 2S LIPO (suits length ~139mm) 
    • ESC Support Tray (Printed: PETG white)
    • Wheel Adapter to mount Yokomo TH-1 style wheels (2 types included) (Printed: PCBlend grey)
      • 1x pair for use with 3/16" axles (designed for ReRe CVDs)



          • Receiver Case - clear vac formed to fit KO KR-285A Receiver

          • Hardware Kit - this contains the items specifically related to these conversion parts - you will need to provide any remaining standard hardware items for your build:

          • Hardware item Size Quantity
            Bolt 8-32 counter sunk 1/2" 7
            Bolt 4-40 counter sunk 7/16" 8
            Bolt 4-40 counter sunk 3/8" 6
            Bolt 4-40 counter sunk 5/16" 10
            Bolt 4-40 counter sunk 1/4" 2
            Bolt 4-40 button 1/4" 5
            Bolt 4-40 button 3/8" 4
            Bolt 4-40 socket 3/8" 11



       This render depicts all the parts that you get in the kit:

      (except bolts --> available in separate hardware kit as linked above) 

      Two gearbox casing variants available - depends on the idler gear type you have: 


      LiPO 2S full length battery

      For using 2S full sized LiPo batteries (length ~139mm) the front battery cup can be moved to the forward position holes (8mm difference) and then you can swap to the other supplied 'long' battery strap so that the top holes still line up!





      Standard RC10 parts required/suggested:

      We started with a purchase of a cheap as possible second hand RC10T, the key items suggested to obtain are:

      • Shocks Front (1.02")
        • Note: these truck items are longer than the original RC10 shock bodies
        • Reference measurements from pivot bolts centre-to-centre:
          • Extension max: 88mm 
          • Compression min: 63mm
      • Shocks Rear (1.32")
        • Note: these are the same as the original RC10 shock bodies
        • Reference measurements from pivot bolts centre-to-centre:
          • Extension (with internal limiters): ~91mm 
          • Compression min: 69mm
      • Stealth gearbox internals (gears/bearings/layshaft/diff) and hardware
      • Gear cover
      • CVDs
        • Worlds ReRe CVDs are just long enough with ~2.4mm shimming inwards
        • Custom Works MIP CVD SHORT
        • JC Racing Products UJs
      • Front steering blocks
      • Front steering block carriers & king pin
      • Steering bell cranks
      • Hinge pins
        • RC10T: all hinge-pins are perfect
        • RC10: front inner are too short, others are perfect
        • These measurements are between the clip grooves
        • Measurements (between inside of e-clip slots):
          • Rear Inner: 51mm (~52mm would also work ok)
          • Rear Outer: 29mm (28mm would 'just' work ok)
          • Front Inner: 38mm ideal, RC10T is 40mm which also works ok - you can shim the end play as desired
          • Front Outer: 26mm 
      • Ball cups and ball studs
      • All bearings for gearbox, front wheels and rear uprights
      • General 4-40 & 8-32 hardware 

      Note: the motor plate from the RC10T is anodized black, therefore if you wish to use the Gold colour - you will need to source this separately, along with the rear TQ10/RC10 curved motor guard plate (or cut off the rear part of a trashed gold pan chassis - if you happen to have one lying around - I'm pretty sure that's what the originals were actually from!!!)

      Note: to allow clearance of the rear inner camber link ball/ball cup you will need to cut/dremel out a small section of the motor plate (photos to come!)


      After market/repro parts recommended:

      These are not original RC10 parts!



      Setup Suggestions:

      Astroturf - Dry - IconicRC Revival July 2023 

      Driver: Chris Ely

      Associated big bore shock - truck
      2x1.6 piston
      650cst oil
      Red v2 buggy spring
      u6592 schumacher uncut stagger yellow
      17mm ride height
      Associated big bore shock - buggy
      2x1.7 piston
      400cst oil
      Blue v2 buggy spring
      Schumacher mezzo yellow
      17mm ride height
      Power/other info
      10.5 surpass brushless setup
      24/81 gearing
      Lipo forward in std position
      20g by servo




      Prototype Build Evolution







      CAD render screen shots