Question: When will the Grand Prix car kits be ready for shipping?
Answer: Shipping will commence from February 2021. We are currently scaling up production capacity to meet your demand.


Question: How strong are the 3D printing plastic parts?
Answer: We have used various materials based on their impact and temperature resistance depending on the component of the car and it's performance requirements. 
The components requiring the highest strength such as the suspension, chassis, bulkheads and gearbox are printed with the latest exotic Carbon fibre and Glass fibre reinforced Nylon. Also a Polycarbonate (PC) blend has been used also for it's high strength and fantastic physical characteristics. For a given type of plastic material; injection moulding will always be a little stronger, albeit not significantly so and to counter this we have selected those high quality super strong appropriate materials which make it stronger than other plastic RC cars. Any part will break eventually with a big enough crash or bad impact angle, but not too worry we have all parts available as spares to get you back on the grand prix track!


Question: Will there be spare parts available?
Answer: Yes - all parts will be made available as spares, even if a part is not in the Parts collection in the shop right now, don't worry, we are currently in the process of adding them...!


Question: Will there be Option parts and any variations or even different cars in future?
Answer: Initially we are providing the body set and helmet in 4 optional colour variations (Red, Blue, Yellow, Black - with the kit including the all white parts). Shortly following the initial release cycle we will offer variations for the components such as; nose, exhaust, wheels and followed by possible body variations too. There is no new car design in progress...right now...however we are looking for ideas/eras in future if you all love this initial release and demand more... Please send in your suggestions!