Body parts set (Type L) - with 5 color options!

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Description: Flexible body set

Material: TPU98A - flexible plastic. Impact resistant and comes printed in a choice of 5 colours.

GP3D Tip: this material is brilliant when painted with polycarbonate paints for any liveries and designs you want. For example the green and yellow scheme pictured on this site is the White body parts set painted with Tamiya Yellow (PS-6) & Tamiya Racing Green (PS-22) and using Tamiya masking tape. (Painting approach is 'similar' to a lexan shell - EXCEPT it's solid colour plastic so you paint it on the outside!! Therefore make sure to do lighter colors first, opposite sequence to if you were painting on the inside of lexan!

...we think the textured semi-gloss finish perfectly captures the 1960's era!