Type-H: Body and Parts Set

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Description: "Type-H" Body and option parts to convert your Type-L GP3D model. This parts are inspired by the John Surtees RA300 Honda Grand Prix car. Features 

Material: Body, Nosecone and Exhausts are TPU98A - flexible impact resistant plastic (as per the Type-L). Bulkhead, Motor and Gearbox plates are 'white' NylonG (glass fibre reinforced). Other materials include PC Blend and PLA for the gold coloured detail panels.

Includes: All the parts (as shown in the main parts layout photo) PLUS the additional hardware items to convert your existing Type-L to the new Type-H. Some existing hardware from your Type-L is reused PLUS the new hardware required (not shown in photo) for this new Type-H parts set are included in this set.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not an entire GP3D Kit. This set only includes the parts to convert your existing Type-L. Photos depicting the entire chassis are for demonstration purposes only!

Stickers: Option comes with the generic stickers sheet as shown in the photo. Additionally, a Surtees/Honda sticker sheet is available from MCI Racing.