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Steering Column/Gears Set

Steering Column/Gears Set

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Description: Steering Column and Gears set 

Includes all the printed parts and hardware shown in photo..

Printed Parts:

  • Steering Column
  • Steering Column Gear Shaft
  • Steering Column Pinion
  • Servo Gear
  • Servo Mesh Plate
  • Servo Mesh Plate Insert


  • M2cs hex bolt x10mm (1x)
  • M2 hex bolt x14mm (1x)
  • M2 nylock nut (1x)
  • M1.6 button head hex bolt x4mm (2x)
  • M1.6 button head hex bolt x5mm (1x)
  • M2 hex bolt x20mm (1x)
  • M2 washer (1x)