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Shock Rebuild Caddy Tray

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Description: Shock Rebuild Caddy with tray compartments

This sexy shock rebuild caddy holds up to 4x 1/10th scale touring car style shocks to assist with your rebuild process.

Labelled with Front/Rear and L/R so you can keep track of which corner each shock came from - especially useful with different oils front to back to avoid getting them accidentally reversed.

Each shock position is coupled with a parts tray compartment that can be used to retain the other shock parts during the oil fill/rebuild process.

Width is identical to the Parts/Tools trays we also sell, so they line up nicely on your pit table!

3D printed from PLA filament.


*Will also work for most 1/12th scale shocks too.

*Does not include 'shocks' - you must supply them! ha!



  • Width: 160mm (same width as the Parts/Tools tray we also sell)
  • Length: 82mm
  • Height: 63mm
  • Holes for shock body - diameter: 13mm


Colour combinations:

  • First is the Main colour; and
  • Second is the labels/pin stripe colour

OR: If you want different colours/combinations than listed please email us to request! (


Material: PLA