RC10GX'89 Stealth - Hinge Pins Set

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This RC10GX'89 Stealth Hinge Pins Set includes 5x pairs of a 1/8"dia. titanium hinge pins with circlips for the suspension arms (inner and outer / front and rear), as well as steering block king pins for the perfect suspension setup.

The precision machined titanium provides superior strength, lightness and durability,  and includes matching replica circlips making this an ideal choice for those who want the best performance from their RC10GX'89 Stealth.



  • Rear Arms - Inner - 2x 51mm
  • Rear Arms - Outer - 2x 29mm
  • Front Arms - Inner - 2x 40mm
  • Front Arms - Outer - 2x 26mm
  • King pins - Steering - 2x 22mm
  • Circlips (black steel) - 20x pieces


Material: Titanium rod, steel circlips