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RC10GX Steering Bellcranks

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RC10GX Steering Bell cranks

This set is the RC10GX Steering Bell cranks - "semi-replicas"

These are designed with racing in mind so they are stronger with more material than the original RC10 type, but still designed to retain the essence of that iconic shape! They even have little tabs to locate the cable ties that were originally used to make the spring action much tighter!

The ball end holes reflect the "inner positions" that Masami used on his '89 car.

These bell cranks utilise Standard 1/4" x 3/8" x 1/8" Flanged bearings and can be installed on the standard 8-32 bolt posts using the provided cylinder adapters OR bearings can go straight onto any after-market 1/4 inch post style fitting (shimming may be required depending on your installation items/method).

Set Includes:

  • Bell crank - Left
  • Bell crank - Right
  • Cylinder adapter O.D.1/4" x2 (these thread easily onto 8-32 bolts)


  • Available with 4x Flanged Bearings 1/8" x 3/8" x 1/8"
    • FYI: these use the same bearing dimensions as the original RC10 rear hubs for 1/4" axle!
    • PLEASE NOTE: there may be a longer lead time for us to order in the bearings as we don't carry high stock levels of the bearings.

Colour choice;

  • Grey (shown in photos)
  • Black
  • Natural (like Associated nylon)
  • Bright Orange


Material: 3D Printed PCBlend

Note: Images showing installation are for reference only, this set only includes the items as listed above.