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RC10GX Stealth Gearbox Casing

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RC10GX Gearbox casing 

This set contains:
  • RC10GX Stealth Gearbox Casing - Left x1
  • RC10GX Stealth Gearbox Casing - Right x1
  • RC10GX Stealth Gearbox Casing - Diff Output Ring x2
  • RC10GX Stealth Gearbox Casing - Standoff x3
  • 4-40 socket x3/8"

This set does NOT contain all required hardware, you will need to provide/source any shims, bolts and of course all the required gearbox internals/gears/bearings etc.

This casing is as per our '89 RC10GX Stealth replica conversion kit:

  • Note: Idler gear bearings insert directly into the casing 

Also compatible with our RC10'91 Detroit conversion kit.

This casing only uses 3 of the long bolts to mount into the motor plate. Should not be required, but if needed you can add 1/8" shims (not included) under these 3 bolt heads to ensure the bolt thread tips do not protrude too far past the motor plate outer surface. And hence ensure the slipper plates do not touch/rub on the bolt tips.

The fourth front/mid hole accepts a short 4-40 x 3/8" bolt to secure the casing halves together. Refer photo with blue circle indicating the short bolt position.

The top layshaft will have some side play intentionally so as to allow shimming to the right to increase clearance from the motor plate and bolt tips that can be quite close tollerance.
I recommend: 3x 3/16" x 0.010 shims thickness which measures approx 0.8mm

The separate diff output rings clip into the casing, however if necessary you could also add a couple of drops of super glue to secure them in place to avoid them popping off.