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RC10GX Plastics Refresh Set

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RC10GX Plastics Refresh Set
This set includes all the plastic printed parts to refresh your RC10GX.

Is your RC10GX getting a bit worn after lots of driving and fun?

Do you want to give it a full refresh?

OR are you ready for a change of colour?!!!


Select option:

  • Natural (like Associated nylon/RC10GX kit)
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Orange

    Select option:

    • Original Gearbox Casing (bearing into casing)
    • ReRe Gearbox Casing (idler shaft into casing)


    Set includes:

    • Suspension Arms Full Set (Front & Rear)
    • Bulkhead - Front
    • Bulkhead - Rear
    • Gearbox Casing (includes outdrive rings and standoffs)
    • Gearbox Top Plate
    • Rear Deck Standoffs (left & right)
    • Battery Cups (front, back, body supports)
    • Battery Strap (standard and long)
    • ESC Support Plate
    • Body Post - Front
    • Body Post - Rear
    • Rear uprights (bonus items!)

    Material: 3D Printed using; Prusa PCBlend, Matter Hackers NylonG, PETG