RC10 Replica Rear Uprights (pair)

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This set of RC10 Rear Uprights comes in a pair, left and right items are symmetrical and hence can be used on either side.

Choice of standard and wide offset versions. Choice of colours.

Select option:

  • Standard
    • The Standard option is a replica of the original RC10 rear uprights.
  • Standard -1.5deg
    • As per Standard except the hinge pin hole has 1.5deg toe
    • Can be swapped side to side to increase or decrease overall toe
  • Wide offset 
    • These have the same relative hinge pin and top link ball hole positions, but the two bearing seats are both moved outwards by 2.5mm to enable slightly longer CVDs/driveshafts to be utilised.
    • Works well with the Custom Works Steel Schmedium CVD kit (#7240) or any CVD/universal/driveshaft where the distance from inner bearing seat/face to the centre of the bone pin (into the diff outdrive) is approx 63 to 65mm

Material: 3D Printed using Prusa PCBlend natural