RC10 Replica Rear Uprights (pair)

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RC10 Rear Uprights
This set comes in a pair, left and right items are symmetrical and hence can be used on either side.

Choice of standard and wide offset versions. Choice of colours.

Please note: these exact replicas are not strong, and will break in big crashes, strengthened variants for racing will be available soon, they will retain the essence of the originals, but will have added material around the weak points.

Select option:

  • Standard
    • The Standard option is a replica of the original RC10 rear uprights.
  • Wide offset 
    • These have the same relative hinge pin and top link ball hole positions, but the two bearing seats are both moved outwards by 2.5mm to enable slightly longer CVDs/driveshafts to be utilised.
    • Works well with the Custom Works Steel Schmedium CVD kit (#7240) or any CVD/universal/driveshaft where the distance from inner bearing seat/face to the centre of the bone pin (into the diff outdrive) is approx 63 to 65mm

Material: 3D Printed using Prusa PCBlend natural