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RC10 '91 Detroit - Gearbox Casing - OPTION B6.x

RC10 '91 Detroit - Gearbox Casing - OPTION B6.x

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This is an OPTION gearbox casing for the RC10 '91 Detroit that is compatible with the AE B6.x versions gearbox gears/internals.

Due to the diff gear being very large diameter in comparison with the original Stealth, this gearbox casing must be utilised in conjunction with the modified Rear Bulkhead and modified Rear Arm Mounts. 

You will need to utilise:

  • the B6 Ball diff (as the gear diff is much wider and hence will not fit)
  • the smaller 26T idler (from the lay-back or stand-up gearbox types)

This set contains:

  • RC10 '91 Detroit B6.x Gearbox Casing - Left x1
  • RC10 '91 Detroit B6.x Gearbox Casing - Right x1
  • RC10 '91 Detroit Gearbox Casing - Standoff x3
  • 4-40 socket x3/8"
  • RC10 '91 Detroit Rear Bulkhead - B6.x compatible version
  • RC10 '91 Detroit Rear Arm Mount Blocks - B6.x compatible version



  • Left Side Spring - the layshaft design places the slipper spring on the left/opposite side to the slipper and spur gear
  • Right Side Spring - the layshaft design places the slipper spring on the right/same side with the slipper and spur gear


This set does NOT contain all required gearbox hardware, you will need to provide/source any shims, bolts and of course all the required gearbox internals/gears/bearings/shafts/slipper etc.

This casing only uses 3 of the long bolts to mount into the motor plate.

If needed (albeit should not be required), you can add 1/8" shims (not included) under these 3 bolt heads to ensure the bolt thread tips do not protrude too far past the motor plate outer surface. 

The fourth front/mid hole accepts a short 4-40 x 3/8" bolt inserted from the left side, to additionally secure the casing halves together.