No Coast - Yokomo Mod Rear Wheel Adaptors - Alloy

No Coast - Yokomo Mod Rear Wheel Adaptors - Alloy

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These are manufactured by No Coast R/C Products - Part# NCRC-110802

Reproduction of the Yokomo TH-1 wheel hubs modified by Masaaki Hirosaka and used by Masami on his RC10 '91 Detroit Stealth Car. Dimension accurate to the original and threaded with correct M3 x 0.5mm metric threads. Compatible with Yokomo 'ZC' style wheels and standard Team Associated RC10 1/4" kit rear axles.

CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminium, the finish is 'raw' like the originals, but capable of being media blasted, anodized or polished.

Package contains:

  • 2x Mod Rear Wheel Adaptors
  • 2x 5mm JIS Steel Pan Head Phillips Screws
  • 2x 8-32 Aluminium Locknuts
  • 2x 8-32 Nylon Locknuts

      NOTE: This product is a reproduction of a vintage original part. As with the vintage originals, some level of hand fitting might be necessary depending on your application.