MIP 4-10 4WD Replica Front Uprights (pair)

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This is a pair of MIP 4-10 4WD RC10 Replica Front Uprights (1x Left and 1x Right components are mirrored and hence cannot be used on opposites side).

These are designed specifically and only to be compatible with original MIP 4-10 Steering Hubs or our replicas:


You can sand any rough edges as desired.

Choice of colours.

Please note: these replicas are not super strong, and could break in crashes, hence are really ideal for shelf display. Having said this, they are printed with the same PCBlend filament we use in our '89 and '91 RC10 prototype replicas which has proven to be amazingly strong and impact resistant - so they just might last better that other original parts!

Material: 3D Printed using Prusa PCBlend