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GP3D Car Stand

  • $40.00 AUD
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This is a unique "old-school plinth style" RC car stand!

Primarily designed for 1/12th scale racing, with a narrower profile (80mm) to avoid getting in the way of tyre-warmers on the small 1/12th dimensions, and still supports the length of chassis and pod so your precious sits flat and comfortable!

Also conveniently suits the GP3D car - what a surprise! ;-)

  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 230mm
    • Width: 80mm
    • Height: 26mm


  • Variants:
    • Standard:
      • As per photos;
        • Black top/bottom, Gold middle
        • Gold 'GP3D' lettering
      • No name on side
    • Customised:
      • Choose colours from: Black, Gold, White, Red, Yellow, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Bright Green, Silver, Semi-Transparent
      • If you want another colour we don't have in stock, we can order in but order fulfilment will include the additional 3rd party delivery time for the new filament!
      • Choose different main lettering on top - instead of 'GP3D'
      • Choose desired name/lettering embossed into the side (or none)


If you would like your name embossed in the side, different colours and lettering please contact us for your unique customised version!

    Material: TPU - flexible plastic. Impact resistant! Light and nice to touch ;)

    This is a long print >17hours with filament changes for the multi-colour/one-piece result!

    Customised: Please contact us: and we can discuss design! There are certain constraints around what we can do within the 3D printing boundaries, however please advise what you would like and we can work out the options!


    Cars shown in photos are NOT included!!