Mega Setup Board - GP3D/Bezerk collab

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Introducing the first GP3D/Bezerk collab product, introducing the:

Mega Setup Board!!!

This is the most awesome setup board that you've always wanted...


  • Glass working surface
    • Stays perfectly flat always
    • Most other non-glass setup board materials will deform over time
    • Clear tempered safe "display shelf" glass with chamfered edges completely enclosed and secured along all four sides
    • Refer to personalisation options below

  • Adjustable Height
    • Easy thumb-wheel adjustable height legs to level the the board on uneven and sloped tables
    • Levelling legs can extend up to 14mm
    • Built into the design; not an after-thought!


  • Level Bubble
    • Super convenient in-built level bubble instantly tells you when you have levelled the board


  • Convenient parts trays
    • Total four, two each side of board, with slanted sides for easy access
    • You'll never know how you did without this convenience!


  • Bezerk Carbon Base Plate
    • Two weave types available; "Plain" and "Twill"
    • Refer to personalisation options below...
    • Note: Bezerk Carbon is purchased and cut to order - so please by mindful of the lead time before we ship your finished product :-)


  • Frame parts
    • Printed parts are from PETG which is tough and resistant to warping and most chemicals
    • Standard colours: Galaxy Black frame parts with Gold coloured lower trim and Gold coloured thumb-wheels
    • Refer to personalisation options below...


  • Stowage
    • Convenient ~20mm gap under the board for storing your; notepad, paper, phone, tablet...
    • Charger/Tire-warmer leads can even be routed under the board depending on your lead lengths


  • Spare Parts
    • All parts can be easily disassembled using only the following hex driver tools: 1.3mm, 2.0mm and 3.0mm
    • All parts are available separately as spares as required in the event of damage or wear and tear over time...or if you want a change of colour in future!!


  • Personalise yours!
    • Carbon engraving available on request (additional cost)
    • Glass engraving available on request (additional cost)
    • Printed frame parts/thumb-wheel: Colours/stripes are customisable on request (no extra cost up to 3 colours)
    • Please email us to discuss customisations;



  • Dimensions
    • Outer: Width: 460mm, Depth: 316mm, Height: 30mm(min) / 44mm(legs extended)
    • Glass working area: Width: 400mm, Depth: 300mm (less ~2mm frame overhang all round)
    • Glass thickness: 5mm, Carbon thickness: 3mm
    • Perfect for 10th or 12th scale or smaller


  • Weight
    • Total weight is ~2.4kg
    • This product is not recommended if you need a lightweight board for travel/flying!


  • Hardware
    • Main top screws to secure the side frame parts: M3cs x18mm steel (gold colour) x24pcs
    • Retaining strips along front/back edges are secured with M2cs x6mm (black colour) x12pcs
    • Legs utilise M5 cap head hex bolts x25mm x4pcs, M5 lock nuts x4pcs & M5 nut x4pcs
    • Level bubble is secured to the carbon plate with M2 hex bolt x8mm x3pcs, M2 lock nut x3pcs


    Materials: Tempered Glass, Carbon Fibre, 3D printed PETG/TPU, Steel Hardware

    Wicked 12th scale car in pic not included - sorry! ;-)