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Type-L: Radiator/Water Tank/Pipes Scale Detail Set

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Description: Type-L Radiator/Water Tank/Pipes Scale Detail Set

Includes all the printed parts and hardware to add even more scale detail to your Type-L RC model with a (cosmetic!) radiator, water tank and associated bottles/pipes.

Parts are not painted (Green items depicted are for display only). The pipes and radiator mount Z-frame are printed in grey/silver flexible TPU material (you can paint the flexible TPU components if desired with any polycarb/flexible-purpose paints such as the Tamiya PS/PC range). Radiator and Tank are PLA, radiator Brackets and Fluid Bottles are PCBlend and the replacement Bulkhead plate is the equivalent Nylon-Glass fibre infused.

This set includes a new Front Bulkhead Plate in grey with the mounting tabs, and associated Support Block (black) - these replace the original kit items.

The Front Water Pipe curved section exiting the nose will not fit nicely within the original kit Nosecone with the "angled cutout" (unless you self-cutout the required area for clearance), so without the new "curved cutout" Nosecone this part must be omitted.


Printed Parts:

Quantity Description
1 Radiator Grill
1 Radiator Housing
2 Red 2mm spacer
1 Red/Silver Pipe clamp - Front
1 Red/Silver Pipe clamp - Rear
1 Silver Pipe Joiner

Type-L Nose Cone - new Curved cutout
(white OR request) (OPTIONAL)


Type-L Front Bulkhead Plate
(grey) with mounting tabs

1 Type-L Front Bulkhead Plate Support (black)
1 Water Pipe - Forward Extension

Water Pipe - Forward Extension
"S-bend" compatible with kit Nosecone

1 Water Pipe - Main 3 part - Long Silver
1 Water Pipe - Main 3 part - Short Silver
1 Water Pipe - Main 3 part - Middle White
1 Water Pipe - Main 1 part - Long 
1 Water Pipe - Rear Extension
1 Water Pipe - Right Lower
1 Water Pipe - Tank Left Top
1 Fluid Bottles
L&R Radiator Mounting Z-Frame
L&R Radiator Mounting Bracket
1 Water Tank



      Quantity Description
      8 M1.6 button head hex bolt x4mm
      8 M1.6 button head hex bolt x6mm
      M1.6 button head hex bolt x8mm
      1 M2 nylock nut
      M2 grub screw x10mm
      2 M2 hex bolt x8mm
      1 M2cs hex bolt x10mm
      1 Small Black 1mm spacer
      1 M3 button head hex bolt x6mm (gold)


      Note: this set only includes the parts listed above, and does not include the whole car! (car depicted in photos only to demonstrate installed results).

      Note: the radiator will not fit into the Type-H Nosecone....stay tuned for a future similar option set for that model ;-)