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RC10 Replica Motor Guard and Motor Plate

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RC10 Motor Guard and Motor Plate - replicated close to original design and anodized in similar iconic 'gold' colour. Also available in black or even raw un-anodized as desired!

As the original Associated "gold" anodizing varied over the years/batches, these will likely not 'exactly' match any given originals - so recommend to get the pair if you need them to match exactly

All the threaded holes are tapped for UNC 4-40 thread.

Slot for top motor screw is slightly widened to allow for both brushed  and brushless motor bolt pattern to fit and slide smoothly.

 * Gold Anodized 

 * Black Anodized 

 * Raw Non-anodized 


Note: If you wish to replicate the '91 Detroit Masami car, please note that he used the Black Motor Plate and Raw (Non-anodized) Motor Guard


Material: 2mm thick Grade 5 Aluminium