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Type-H: VERSION 1: 6-Spoke Wheels - For Standard 24mm touring/sedan tires

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Description: Type-H: 6-spoke full set wheels (2x front & 2x rear) for using with any generic 24mm 1/10th touring/sedan style tires.

The narrower 24mm tires gives an early '60s look before the Grand Prix cars went to the wider chunkier tire shape! Plus you can use any commercially available 24mm tire desired for standard sedan rims to get more grip and tune your car's balance for any surface you drive on.

Main photo shows 1 pair (wheels/spokes/M2 hex bolts), this set comes with 2 pairs, i.e. a full set of 4 wheels. This set does not come with tires, the second picture depicts this wheel with a Tamiya 51023 RC Racing Radial Tire – Med Narrow (and bearing inserted) for demonstration purpose only.


Material: PC Blend